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"Executives need a partner with the experience, judgment, analytical skills, and creativity to get the job done better and faster."


Bianca Yap Vega is VP - Business Analytics at The Mitchell Madison Group. She has been with the firm for 7 years, successfully managing the business services area of the firm, bringing in additional clients, maintaining client relations, and designing the current recruitment process for the entire company. She also handles and oversees analytics engagements.


She has worked as an analyst and associate on several projects, leading the development of reports and models used for strategic decision making across various functions. Bianca’s projects have included P&L creation, marketing analytics, data analytics and visualization, and dashboard creation. She has over a year’s worth of experience at a multinational semiconductor company as a supply planner. 


Bianca holds a Master of Science degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering from the National University of Singapore.

On weekends, Bianca enjoys the quiet life with her husband and her three dogs. She is also a certified beginner pole dance instructor.

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