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HRchat Interview with Hans Dau: Embracing the Contingent Workforce

April 23, 2021

The contingent workforce industry represents over $4.5 trillion in annual spend globally. With a double-digit percentage of waste every year, it is one of the largest spend optimization opportunities across the enterprise.

In HRchat episode 284, we discuss the rise and rise of the contingent workforce and ways to help bigger businesses get it right. Our guest is Hans Dau, CEO of The Mitchell Madison Group (MMG), a global management consulting firm focused on improving financial and operating performance for large companies.

Listen below

Questions for Hans Dau Include:

  • What challenges during the crisis were unique to the HR department?

  • What has forever changed within the function of HR and what aspects, if any, do you believe will revert back post-COVID-19?

  • What are the potential benefits and negatives to a large company when they augment their workforce with contingent workers en mass?

  • Tell us about your recent partnership with PRO Unlimited, the workforce management solutions provider. How do you plan to provide combined strategic sourcing, hiring intelligence, and contingent labor solutions to the Global 2000?

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