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PRO Unlimited Partners with the Mitchell Madison Group

March 30, 2021

PRO Unlimited Partners with the Mitchell Madison Group to Deliver Comprehensive Sourcing and Modern Workforce Solutions in the Contingent Labor Industry

SAN FRANCISCO - (BUSINESS WIRE) - PRO Unlimited, the modern workforce management solutions provider, announced today a partnership with The Mitchell Madison Group (MMG), a global management consulting firm focused on improving financial and operating performance for large companies. The partnership will broaden PRO's contingent workforce management platform, provide its software, data and services to MMG's clients, as well as provide combined strategic sourcing, hiring intelligence and contingent labor solutions to the Global 2000.

The contingent workforce industry represents over $4.5 trillion in annual spend globally. With a double-digit percentage of waste every year, it is still one of - if not the - largest spend optimization opportunities across the enterprise. As such, clients are accelerating their adoption of PRO's comprehensive contingent workforce management platform and subject matter expertise to better optimize their non-employee programs and materially reduce costs, while significantly improving quality as part of their overall human capital strategy. Coupled with MMG's strategic sourcing and earnings improvements strategies, which result in hundreds of millions of dollars in cost savings for its clients, both companies will deliver unparalleled financial impact to organizations looking to unlock the next level of value that exists in their contingent workforce management programs.

There are two components to the partnership. The first includes managed services atop PRO's contingent workforce management technology platform. MMG's consulting solutions historically deliver performance improvement, leveraging the global marketplace for sourcing and outsourcing of corporate cost structures, primarily in the direct sourcing arena. Partnering with PRO will enable MMG to deliver additional value to its world-class clients, and extend into multiple billions of dollars of spend incrementally at each client as they integrate contingent workforce solutions into their programs and practices. Clients will benefit as MMG provides them with PRO's SaaS, DaaS and analytics technology as part of their offerings going forward.

The second part of the partnership consists of a complete end-to-end and seamless consulting, advisory, analytics and intelligence suite of professional services solutions. PRO's NorthStar HCM consulting team, which delivers subject matter expertise, best practices and data insights to enhance contingent workforce programs, will be coupled with MMG's sourcing practice. This strategic partnership ensures continuity, forming a connection from sourcing down to the management of the program and optimization of the supplier base. Ultimately, this combination will ensure that a company's contingent workforce program spend is optimally managed and realizes double-digit savings year-over-year.

"We are excited to partner with the Mitchell Madison Group. Any time you can bring two leaders together from related, but discreet disciplines, it's a massive win for our clients," said Kevin Akeroyd, CEO at PRO Unlimited. "PRO is the leader in the contingent labor software and services space, and MMG is the leader in strategic sourcing. Together, we will be able to provide clients with the absolute best in terms of understanding where they can optimize and maximize their contingent workforce programs, and deliver earnings per share moving bottom-line cost savings."

Akeroyd added: "We believe MMG's consultative approach coupled with our decades of expertise and industry-leading platform is what companies want and expect. In contrast to a traditional partner ecosystem that is often fragmented and lacks continuity for its clients, we are going to be a seamless extension of MMG's services, and vice versa."

"PRO is a vendor neutral platform, and we are excited to be able to leverage its industry-leading data and management solutions for the benefit of our clients," said Hans Dau, CEO of the Mitchell Madison Group. "Contingent labor is not only growing in importance for our clients, but also becoming more complex as the COVID-19 experience has accelerated the geographical fragmentation of the workforce."

Dau added: "We strongly believe in the power of data and analytics to manage the complex cost structures found in the extended workforce. Together with PRO, we can create more effective and longer-lasting solutions for our clients."

About The Mitchell Madison Group

Working with large institutions on tangible operating performance improvement initiatives, the Mitchell Madison Group delivers sustained earnings improvement to its clients within a six months-time frame. MMG is the leader in global strategic sourcing, leveraging its decades of category IP and proprietary software platform for effective price discovery and client savings. The firm also applies big data and machine learning approaches to pricing optimization and sales analytics to uncover short-term revenue enhancement opportunities for its clients. Originally founded in 1994, MMG operates globally. For more information, visit and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About PRO Unlimited

Servicing hundreds of the world’s most recognizable brands, PRO Unlimited offers modern workforce management and a partner ecosystem supported by data, software, intelligence and services to meet your flexible workforce needs. PRO’s Modern Workforce Management Platform can adapt quickly to regional or industry economic shifts, and provides the speed, scale, flexibility, transparency and expertise to serve as the holistic platform for the modern workforce. Headquartered in San Francisco, PRO has helped global brands and organizations achieve operational and financial success for more than 30 years. For more information, visit and follow the company on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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