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Executives driving performance improvement, requiring strategic advice or effecting major transformations in a rapidly shifting global market place need more than traditional consulting advice. They need a partner with the experience, judgment, analytical skills, and creativity to get the job done better and faster.

The Mitchell Madison Group is like no other consulting firm. We drive true bottom-line operating performance. We invest with a few select clients, we execute tangible improvements rapidly, and we deliver enterprise value.

We invest with a few select clients, we execute tangible improvements rapidly, we deliver enterprise value and are willing to be paid based on that.


Originally founded in 1994, The Mitchell Madison Group has revolutionized the world of management consulting. The firm was sold in 1999 to a “dot-com” for several hundred million dollars, reflecting the unique approach to adding value to our clients. The acquirer went out of business as part of the dot-com bust in 2001. In 2003, key Mitchell Madison Group assets were acquired by some of the original partners and the firm was re-launched, continuing to focus on performance improvement for financial services, industrial and services companies worldwide. Recognizing the importance of being able to serve our clients more flexibly, the firm was restructured in 2010 along four lines of business: Performance Improvement, Strategic Services,  Business Analytics, and Staff Augmentation.

Our team includes executives with decades of consulting and management experience, supported by younger analytical talent with diverse backgrounds, recruited from top universities around the world. We believe this flat organization to be far more effective for client success delivery than the traditional consulting hierarchy.

Our client base includes large corporations with a particular emphasis on the insurance, telecom, media, manufacturing, transportation, retail and business services industries.

Most of our consulting projects involve short-term performance improvement, leveraging the global market place for sourcing and outsourcing of corporate cost structures. In addition, we provide more traditional strategic advisory and reengineering and restructuring advice services, but always with a focus on measurable outcomes.


The power of Big Data lies in uncovering actionable and profitable insights by combining company-internal data with public social media and purchased databases and applying sophisticated machine learning technology. Most companies have only scratched the surface of this vast opportunity.

Our strategy combines our broad global perspective and economic insight with executive experience ranging from operations optimization to corporate and business unit strategy. Our recommendations are practical and grounded in actual operating experience of many of our consultants.

We typically partner with clients to deliver earnings improvements of 20-30% over a nine months time frame. Our track record is unmatched in the consulting industry: 25 years and over 5,000 projects around the globe that have delivered documented performance improvements of well over 20%.


Multidisciplinary team: C-level executives, consultants, entrepreneurs, scientists

Intellectual capital: Detailed knowledge acquired over our 20 year history

Lateral thinking: Big data skills from science and military applied to business

Experience: Significantly more experienced consultants than typical

Focus: Only serve a single client in an industry at a time

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