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Sales Analytics - B2B Pipeline

Typical Problems in B2B PIpeline management:

  1. Half the pipeline consists of future lost opportunities – but which ones?

  2. Half of all sales reps will sell next to nothing and quit – which ones?

  3. One-third of the gross margin is given away as discounts – necessary?

  4. There’s so much data, but it’s messy– how do we put it to use?

  5. Lead gen quality is poor – how do we prospect better?

  6. Churn in our customer base is expensive– how do we manage by LTV?

  7. Our sales forecasts are always off – how do we predict sales better?

Our AI-based Sales analytics approach can address these issues and improve performance substantially.

For example, in a recent project, we were able to predict sales more accurately, enabling the client to focus its resources.

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