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The Mitchell Madison Group has had a long history in the consulting industry

Hans Dau, the CEO of the Mitchell Madison Group, a consultancy firm specializing in global strategic sourcing and offers proprietary performance improvement initiatives by delivering sustained earnings advancement joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Hans Dau discuss the following:

  1. What is Mitchell Madison Groups' mission and how does it drive the work you do every day for the last decade?

  2. The Mitchell Madison Group has a long history in the consulting industry, how has the company continued to adapt and stay relevant in this ever-evolving and dynamic industry?

  3. The consulting industry can be very competitive, how does the Mitchell Madison Group differentiate its service from other firms, what is your "hallmark" value proposition that's offered to clients?

  4. Can you discuss a particular initiative you've proudly championed as CEO and what impact has it had on the company and or the industry?

  5. Given the ongoing residual impacts from the pandemic and its continued effect on businesses globally, what measures have you taken to ensure the sustainability of the company, and how has the company adjusted its approach to client service in this “new normal”?

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