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Steven McQueen is a dynamic, results-oriented leader with an extensive background in sales, customer service, and supply chain delivery for global and divisional operations.


Decisive leadership in sales and marketing, customer relationship retention, project management, and human resources with a successful track record in executing operational performance improvements, technical projects, and market strategies while consistently launching innovative, value-added projects and services. ​


Global Sales and multisite Call Center Management expertise driving improvements in sales, process, employee competencies, and customer satisfaction levels. Operations foundations with adept utilization of technology and Six Sigma principles to improve supply chain: S&OP, CPFR, RFID, digital asset management, CRM, CISCO VOIP. Ability to create strength in high-performance teams through recruiting, training, and retaining top talent to impact bottom-line performance. ​


Steve has a BS in math and an MBA both from Purdue University.

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